Our process of porting increases the efficiancy of your motor, perfecting the flow of air into the cylinders getting a higher level of fill, providing you with maximum performance. 


cylinder boring/honing

Precision boring and honing for proper fitment of high quality forged pistons.




complete valve job

We recondition your cylinder head with the highest quality parts for longevity and performance of your heads. We provide brand new valves, guides, springs and seals to assure you have quality performance.


compression releses 

We machine and instal compression releases into your heads for the purpose of easy starts and starts life.




cylinder round fin cut

A brand new stylistic cut of your cylinders that provides you with a different look for your bike without compromising your engines cooling capability.


head round fin cut

To add to the look of your bike we offer a round fin cut for your cylinder heads that will complete that custom look for your bike.