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How should I pack my parts?

Heads and cylinders should be wrapped and boxed individually. The individual boxes can then be placed in a larger box. It is very important that no parts touch each other or serious damage will result. 


In addition to supplying parts for your engine, we offer the following services to help you complete your project with added confidence.

For Cylinder Head Porting, please see our dedicated page.

Cylinder Boring

Let Branch-O’Keefe open up your cylinders to fit our custom Branch-O’Keefe pistons for a 95-inch kit or stroker pistons for a ground pounding 103-inch kit. Each cylinder is machine-bored, then hand-honed to meet our strict tolerances. $200.00


Compression Releases

Compression releases are a great way to ensure rapid starts while creating less wear and stress on the starter and its associated parts. We suggest using the AV&V compression releases for many applications, especially for those that run at a higher compression ratio of 10.0-1 and above. We can install a set of compression releases on any freshly built set of heads, or if you prefer, we can machine your stock heads to facilitate the use of a new pair of compression releases. $170.00


Manifold Porting

One item often overlooked when installing high performance heads is proper preparation of the intake manifold. As with the surface finish of the heads, the internal finish of the intake manifold is very important. Our skilled craftsmen will polish your intake manifold to take advantage of all that your new heads have to offer. $50.00


Cylinder and Head Painting

To ensure that the exterior of your engine looks as good as the interior, we offer a professional quality painting service to all of our customers. Choices include black wrinkle or silver OEM-style paint finishes for both cylinders and heads. $80.00