Cylinder Head Porting

We are proud to offer cylinder head porting as our primary service. When you send us your Harley Davidson cylinder heads, we will completely upgrade them to our legendary Branch heads. In addition to Harley Davidson heads, we can port and polish your STD, S&S, Rev Tech or Edelbrock cylinder heads. We are also able to offer an exchange program on a limited basis. If you wish to utilize the exchange program, we must inspect your heads prior to the exchange.

How should I pack my parts?

Heads and cylinders should be wrapped and boxed individually. The individual boxes can then be placed in a larger box. It is very important that no parts touch each other or serious damage will result. 

How should I ship my heads?

We accept daily shipments from UPS, Fed Ex and/or U.S. Mail. We recommend that you insure your parts to cover the retail value.

About Our Heads

This is where is all began. Branch-O’Keefe is known throughout the industry for legendary cylinder head modification service. Our extensive reworking of stock Harley Davidson cylinder heads begins with removal of the stock valve seats and guides. Next, the combustion chambers are heliarc welded to add additional aluminum alloy in the combustion chamber and around the valve seats for re-machining. The valve seat pockets are then machined for larger nickel-chrome valve seats, and the combustion chamber is cut from the stock low compression rectangular shape to the legendary Branch “Bathtub” chamber. After cutting the combustion chamber, new oversize valve seats and performance-quality valve guides are installed. The heads then advance to the porting room where the ports are fully hand ported, blended and polished to Branch’s exacting specifications as proven on the dyno and flow bench. The head’s gasket surface is machined an additional 0.050” which raises compression slightly. Finishing up, new oversize intake and exhaust valves (hard chrome stainless steel with stellite tips, polished face) are installed in bigger seats with a machined race-quality valve job and then hand lapped. New seals and a high quality high-lift radius spring kit complete the installation.

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Cylinder Head Porting

#4 Heads for Twin-Cam and Evo’s

This performance head is designed to fit a variety of engine configurations and riding styles. Our #4 head works with both the Twin-Cam or Evo applications of varying displacements. Compression ratios for these heads are 9.6-1 for the Twin-Cam and 8.9-1 for the Evo. This results in a head that performs much higher than its stock counterpart. $950.00


PT Heads for Twin-Cams

Our PT head is the result of many hours of R&D, specifically designed for touring riders with 88-inch or 95-inch Twin-Cam engines. The benefit of this exceptional designed head is that it provides low-end torque that is so often required for loaded-down, long distance motorcycles. Compression ratio is based around a figure of 9.5-1 when used with our flat top pistons. The result is power where it’s most needed: in the 2000-4000 rpm range. $850.00


#4 Heads for Sportsters/Buells

The Harley-Davidson’s Sportster engine is the ideal candidate for performance upgrades. Our #4 head brings our “Bathtub” combustion chamber to those riding 1200cc machines built between ’86 and ’03. Set up to run with a pair of our flat top pistons, the #4 Sportster/Buell head brings outstanding performance not seen before to the 4-cam engine. $950.00


#5 Heads for the Evo’s/Sportsters/Buells

Our #5 head is a custom application for those seeking serious high-end performance numbers. These heads are designed to take advantage of higher compression ratios when used in conjunction with our custom made 30-degree dome pistons. This pairing results in compression ratios ranging from 10.5-1 to 11.5 -1. $950.00