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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I upgrade my heads to Branch heads?
Your first decision involves the type of modification desired. See the Heads page for a complete description of each type. After deciding, send your heads to Branch O’Keefe with a complete description of the work desired. Please indicate if you are willing to exchange your heads, or if you desire your own heads in return.

How does the exchange program work?
We are able to offer an exchange program on a limited basis. We keep some heads in stock that have been modified. If your heads match our existing stock, we can exchange them after they have been inspected.

How long will my heads be at Branch O’Keefe?
Due to seasonal demands, our turnaround time varies. We strive to return your heads in approximately 3-4 weeks, unless we have exchange heads in stock. 

Should I remove any parts from my heads before shipment?
You are not required to remove any parts from your cylinder heads, however none of the existing parts will be reused. If you wish to keep any of your existing parts, they should be removed before shipping.


How much compression do I need?
Compression needs are based on the camshaft timing/duration. Please see recommended compression ratios in this website (Products > Cams). For special applications (large engines etc.) you may contact us with your questions. 

When are compression releases recommended/required?
Compression releases are recommended at the 9.8-1 compression ratio level and mandatory at the 10.0-1 compression ratio and higher. 

When should I use roller rocker arms?
We recommend roller rocker arms to be use on all engine builds. The roller tip decreases the valve guide/valve tip wear. 

What thickness head gasket should I use?
The Branch O’Keefe comp ratios are based on 0.040” head gasket. The Cometic gasket kits we sell include this 0.040” gasket. For selected applications, a .030” set may be required and is also available. 

What color can my heads be refinished?

Heads are available in factory silver or factory wrinkle black finish, with or without highlighted fins. Heads previously not highlighted are subject to an additional charge if highlighting is desired.


How should I pack my parts?
Heads and cylinders should be wrapped and boxed individually. The individual boxes can then be placed in a larger box. It is very important that no parts touch each other or serious damage will result. 

How should I ship my heads?
We accept daily shipments from UPS, Fed Ex and/or U.S. Mail. We recommend that you insure your parts to cover the retail value.


How do I pay for my Branch Heads/parts?
We accept Visa and Master Card for online store purchases which are processed at the time of shipment.

Shop services (cylinder head porting, cylinder boring) can be paid with Visa, Master Card, Cashier’s Check or Money Order. Payment for shop services will be due upon completion of your job, prior to shipment. We will contact you to confirm your total and payment method.