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Branch is one of the oldest names in the Harley Davidson aftermarket industry, and is known today as Branch-O’Keefe. If the name sounds familiar, it should. The company was started in 1969 by Jerry Branch with the goal to change people’s ideas when it came to pairing performance products and Harley Davidsons.  During this time, the majority of high-performance numbers from a Harley were realized on the racetrack, not on the street. That was about to change. Jerry had an extensive background working on Harleys. Performing everything from working as a service technician at Barfield Harley Davidson in Memphis, TN (where Jerry delivered Elvis’ first Harley and taught him to ride), to building heads for the legendary Harley Davidson XR 750 flat track race bikes and XR1000 street bikes. When Harley Davidson needed an outside expert, prior to launch the Evolution motor, Jerry got the call. In addition, he was the first person outside of Harley Davidson to get his hands on a V-Rod engine, and was involved in some of the very first prototypes of its kind back in the early 1990’s.

Branch Flowmetrics (as the company was known), did extensive business in and around the Long Beach area in Southern California. After thirty plus years of squeezing every last drop of horsepower from the assorted Harley Davidson power plants, Jerry stepped back and took a long hard look at what he had accomplished. As he thought of retirement, Jerry wanted to ensure that the Branch name would continue with high, quality-driven products and service.

John O’Keefe, as Jerry’s long-time protégé, began working for Branch in 1975. As a young man, John realized early on that he was apart of something very special. John observed and assisted on every one of Jerry’s projects; and met some of the industry’s most well respected individuals working in collaboration with Jerry. It was not uncommon to see the like of Dick O’Brien from Harley’s race department, engineers from the Ford Motor Company, Dan Gurney with the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, and John Britton, of Britton Motorcycles, come to the shop looking for Jerry’s expertise.

The tradition of Research & Development is just as important today to Branch-O’Keefe, as it was back in 1969. With our focus on R&D, Branch-O’Keefe continues to grow, develop, and improve upon every aspect of the business. All products are engineered and then tested not only on the flow bench, but also in real-world scenarios.

Currently, we are offering our customers a wide variety of performance parts to help their Harley Davidson perform to its ultimate capacity. Whether you ride a stock Sportster, a low-slung Softail, or a loaded-down touring model with all the extras, Branch-O’Keefe will get you the most out of your ride; and the reason we are the legendary leader in performance for Harley Davidson.